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GI Chain Link Fence

GI Chain Link Fence is basically a type of woven fence that is used for the partition purposes. For example for securing the temporary construction site, farm, garden, etc. At Bananaraswala, we provide the best quality products at competitive prices. As one of the leading chain fence manufacturers in the country, we use the standard quality materials for the production.

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Applications of Chain Link Fence:
The chain-link fence is used for residential as well as commercial purposes. The common areas where this fence is used includes

  • partment houses/ Residential Bungalows/ Properties
  • Grounds
  • Warehouses
  • Parks
  • Factories
  • Poultry farms
  • Parking lots
  • Gardens
  • Industrial areas
  • Lands/ Plots
  • Pool areas
  • Tennis courts and many more

Advantages of Chain Link Fence:
Chain link fence is easy to install, low in maintenance and an affordable option that is used for the separation purpose. In comparison to the brick wall, this fence is highly functional as well as durable. The best thing about the chain link fence is that it is abrasion and corrosion-resistant. Above all, it is available in different materials and designs.
Generally, the chain link fence comes in the two types of coating i.e. PVC coating and Zinc coating. PVC coating offers the smooth finish and it protects the fence from rusting as well. The main advantage of this coating is that it lasts longer than the standard ones. The chain link fence with zinc coating offers resistance to rust for a longer duration.

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